Exterior Painting

Painting is not just about good looks and increasing curb appeal, although that IS a great bonus. Your home’s exterior vulnerable surfaces need protection from the harsh sun, rain, snow and wind – all the elements the southern climate throws at a home. Proper prep and premium paint can increase the life of wood trim and siding. It gets to look beautiful for longer!

Interior Painting

We provide custom painting solutions for the functionality and beauty of your home or office. At Nashville Paint and Finish we pride ourselves in meticulously prepping and protecting peripheral surfaces from top to bottom. We offer a wide array of techniques ranging from brush, roller, and spraying, to marbleizing and faux finishing. We will expertly paint that complicated crown molding, the baseboards and window trim, as well as that 2-story entry way or cathedral ceiling. Proper prep and using quality Sherwin Williams paint is our hallmark – so you can be confident that the finished project will look as beautiful as it possibly can.


The cabinets in your kitchen and bath are some of the biggest workhorses in your home. With all of the punishment they take it’s no wonder they can get a little tired looking. Let us turn your “dated and worn” cabinets into “WOW!” It’s all about having the right equipment, using superb paint and employing finesse to refresh your cabinets with a like-new factory finish.

Forget the bank loan – call us and find out how we can refresh cabinets for a fraction of new!

Put the brush down and call us today!